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Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Click on a question to see the answer. Can’t find the answer to your question? Check out our Voucher manual or send us a message via the ‘contact’ page.

For Professors

Can I open the activity for enrolment but leave the date&time open?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. To open the activity for enrolment, all the fields have to be filled in. If you want to choose a date together with the student(s), please say so in the description of the activity. You can then pick a date&time far into the future and change it as soon as the real date&time have been selected.
Can I, as a professor, organize a voucher activity too?
Yes, absolutely! When you have a great idea for a voucher activity, upload it on our website by clicking on ''Vouchers'' in the main menu and then on ''Add Voucher''. You can either select yourself as teacher, or one of your colleagues.
Do I get paid for giving a Voucher Activity?
Yes, when you teach a voucher activity, the department you work for gets paid by the Educational Institute of the UMCG. Depending on the duration of the activity and the number of students participating, your department will be paid the sum corresponding to the amount of DBUs.
Do students get study credits for their participation in voucher activities?
No, a student's participation in a voucher activity is voluntarily and therefor not rewarded with any study credits.
How many DBUs will I receive for my activity?
If you decide to give a Voucher activity, your department will receive the corresponding “docentbelastingsuren” (DBUs). For every student that participates in the activity, you will receive 1 DBU (Attention: there’s a maximum of 4 DBUs per hour, regardless the amount of participating students). A Voucher activity has a maximum duration of 4 hours on paper, so the maximum amount of DBUs to be gained with 1 Voucher activity is 16. As a teacher you can decide to let the activity last longer but in that case your department will not receive more DBUs.
I do not have a P-number but would like to work with Voucher Education. What should I do?
We are glad to hear you are willing to teach a Voucher Activity! To log in on our voucherplatform, you will have to use your P-number. If you do not have a P-number, please ask your head of department or head of education of your department for one. Otherwise, feel free to send the Voucher Committee an e-mail so we can assist you in receiving a P-number.
I have been invited by a student to teach a voucher activity but I do not wish to teach it. What should I do?
When you have been invited by a student to teach a voucher activity but you do not wish to teach it, click on the ''reject'' button on the page of the voucher-idea. We would like to ask you to give the student appropriate feedback, so he or she can make changes and invite another professor, (A valid reason for rejection is also a lack of time).
There were less students present during the activity I taught than the amount of subscriptions on the website. Does the Voucher Committee act on this?
We regret the choices of the enrolled students who have not shown up at your activity. As the Voucher Committee we try to (positively) stimulate students to attend the activities they have subscribed for. Sadly enough, this does not always work. In case of any tips, ideas and suggestions for us to to increase student attendance, please send us an e-mail to voucher@panacea.nl.


Can I pass my voucher onto someone else?
No, it is not possible to pass on your voucher onto someone else. The use of your voucher is connected to you student-number and therefore is strictly personal.
How can I edit the content of the voucher activity I uploaded?
To edit the content of the voucher activity uploaded, you should first log-in onto your account on the Voucher website. Next, click on the header ‘‘my account’’ in the menu on the homepage. The pull out menu will offer you the option to '‘view your created vouchers’’.
How can I upload my own voucher activity?
Log in to your account on the website. Click on the head ‘voucher’ in the menu at the homepage. The pull out menu offers you the option to ‘add’ a voucher. Follow the steps of the registration form. Next to every box of the form you find a question mark explaining what you are supposed to fill in. At the bottom of the page you can find a link to a correctly filled in registration form. For further questions, please contact the Voucher Committee.
How do I know which professor I should invite for my voucher activity?
The odds are high you got inspired for your voucher activity during a patientlecure or seminar. If you think the lecturer will be able to execute your voucher activity, invite him or her. Else, ask or e-mail the specific lecturer whether he or she knows another professor or colleague that will be able to execute your activity. If the above does not get you anywhere, you can also upload your voucher without inviting a professor. Other students might have an idea on which professor to invite, or a professor might offer to help you out him or herself. Otherwise, the committee will help you to find the appropriate professor for your activity (voucher@panacea.nl).
How long does it take for my voucher activity to take place after I registered my activity on the website?
The Voucher Committee aims to make sure that activities take place as soon as possible. However, the time that elapses between your upload and the activity might add up to a few weeks. Please keep in mind that your professors have busy schedules and it might be difficult for him or her to allocate time for your activity within a week.
How many vouchers do I get?
Each student gets one voucher per semester. This means you get two vouchers every academic year.
Is it compulsory to use your voucher?
No, it is not compulsory to use your voucher. However, using your voucher is highly recommended. Voucher education offers you the opportunity to receive extra education from a teacher (of choice!) on a subject you personally find interesting (or hard). However, it is compulsory to complete the professional development assignment on “Voucher education”, in this assignment you will be asked why you chose not to use your voucher.
Is there a maximum of students that can participate in a voucher activity?
This depends on the type of activity that is selected on the registration form during the uploading of the activity. Some voucher activities organized by professors and other students might have an already set maximum of students. When organizing an activity we strongly recommend you to discuss the amount of participants with the professor.
Is there a minimum of students that needs to subscribe for a voucher activity for it to take place?
The minimum number of students to subscribe for a voucher activity to take place differs per voucher activity. This is determined by the organizing professor and student. ATTENTION: one voucher equals one hour of education. Therefore, a voucher activity for two students will take no longer than 2 hours. Regardless of the number of participants of the activity, a voucher activity will take no longer than 4 hours.
What can I do when I cannot attend a voucher activity I subscribed for?
When you cannot attend a voucher activity you subscribed for due to personal circumstances, please unsubscribe from the activity. You can unsubscribe by logging in on your account on this website and clicking on your profile. On your profile click on the title of the activity you wish to cancel on. Click on unsubscribe. Unsubscribing from an activity you cannot attend gives other students the opportunity to subscribe on the activity in case it was full. NOTE: Not attending to a voucher activity you subscribed for, can lead to an annotation in your portfolio on the competence ‘professionality’.
What can I do when I want to participate in a voucher activity that is already full?
When the voucher activity of your choice is full, we strongly advise you to upload an activity yourself. Although the committee strives to offer you a varied and diverse offer of voucher activities, uploading an equal activity identical to a voucher that is full is allowed when there is adequate interest and the teacher is available and willing to provide.
What should I do when the professor I invited and I cannot arrange a date for the voucher activity?
Please keep in mind that both students and professors have busy schedules. We strongly advise you to be flexible when it comes to arranging a date for your voucher activity. However, it can occur that the professor and you cannot arrange a date for the voucher activity. If so, please contact the Voucher Committee.
What should I do when the professor I invited for my activity indicates that he or she refuses to execute my activity?
When a professor refuses to execute your voucher, try to find another professor that is willing to help you out. To find an appropriate professor you could ask, for example, lecturers whether they have a colleague who might be able to execute your activity. However, when you have no clue who to ask, don’t hesitate to contact the Voucher Committee. The committee will assist you in finding another professor. It is also a possibility to upload your activity without a professor. One of your fellow-students might just know a professor that might be able to execute your activity. Also, a professor browsing on the website might offer you a hand.
What should I do when the professor I invited for my voucher activity does not reply on my e-mail/proposal?
Grant your professors some time to respond to your proposal. Professors are often extremely busy (just like you) and probably won’t respond within a day. Whenever you have not yet received a response of a professor after a week of waiting, send him or her a friendly reminder. If after another week you have not received a response, please contact the Voucher Committee. The Committee will try to contact the professor for you.
Why do I get a voucher?
Within the G2020 medical curriculum the student is ‘in the lead’. This means that students can control and influence certain elements of their own education. One of the tools you could use taking matters into your own hands is Voucher Education. With your voucher you can enjoy or organize extra education you are personally interested in. This could evolve around anything (anatomy, genetics, and immunology) and can be offered in basically any form. When it comes to Voucher Education the sky is the limit as long as your plans remain realistic.