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Sex & Brain


Sex is fundamental to species survival, and it typically matters a great deal to people on a psychological and quality of life level. In medical practice this is very important. You may be confronted with patients who have reproductive issues, but also with patients suffering from sexual dysfunction, or perhaps even paraphilias (non-normative sexual preference). You may also be confronted with patients or colleagues who display (some kind of) sexual behavior towards you. Many of these dysfunctions and behaviors originate in the way the central nervous system (CNS) organizes and controls our sexual function. In this seminar/workshop I will try to provide the participants with what I consider to be "the bare essentials of the CNS-sex relationship for medical professionals", hopefully resulting in faster and more accurate identification and understanding of sexual issue  

Sex & Brain
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J.R. Georgiadis




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05-06-2020 7:04:56 PM

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